" Le Neuvième Art "

“The Enemy of Art is the Absence of Limitations.”

                                                          Orson Welles




DirtyBet Entertainment has been working for a few months with Jonathan Rüetschi, painter, on the creation of a comic. To put structure in the whole project as well as drawing the story board with "Secret Paint" (alias for the Rap scene), those are techniques close to those used in the pre-production of short-movie.

The comic shall be drawn with several techniques, such as painting, tin carving and printing or inking.

We plan on having a 40 pages test (half of the first volume) ready November 2013. Depending on the investors and the success encountered, the three volumes planned should be published during the three years following.

"The way of the Samuraï is found in death."​

                                                 The Hagakure


Jonathan Rüetschi is born the third of May 1978 in Moudon, Vaud, Switzerland. He followed his obligatory scholarity until his 16 years old, and then started a preparatory class at the CEPV. He learned the basis of illustration, sculpture and painting. After that, Jonathan worked in a graphism bureau in Vevey for a year, and then, really influenced by Japanese art, practiced his personnal projects for another year.

After having met Marcus Waldburger, Jonathan worked in Lausanne, Poittiers and Paris for a few months as a set decorator while studying the "suiboku-ga" (Japanese Art), looking to find a particular way of drawing mastered by "Gakyorojin", alias "Katsushika Hokusai", father of the manga art.

In 2001, Jonathan took a new path, he started a school of set decoration based in Geneva, for a duration of two years. He studied the classicism as a period and as an art through painting, carving and sculpturing. Finishing in July 2003, he's been working since then on different projects touching various fields. Jonathan made some spray art, sold some paintings (reproduction of classics), made an EP vinyl as a singer and recently started to work on tin as a matrice for impression on paper.



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